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The AA Preset is a Lightroom Preset that has light, bright, and colorful style.

Use this preset to achieve consistent, quality results in your editing!

Are you ready to get images that look like this?

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I'm still obsessing over Ashley Ammons' preset!!

It LEGIT goes great with any feel the client is looking for- light, bright and a pop of color? DONE! Urban and a bit moody? GOT IT!

I love how EASY and versatile it is and the editing course made everything I was doing make sense!

As far as preset and editing go, this is the best purchase I've made!


If you’re newer like me PLEASE go grab Ashley Ammons editing course…..RUN to her store!

All I can say is wow! She is great at explaining all the aspects of LR. She makes everything so easy to understand and you can easily follow along as she shows you the difference on her own photos.

I have another educators editing course and Ashley’s is so much easier to understand.


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I was looking for something with warmer skin tones, but not too warm! Something with pop that’s crisp and clean.

I tried Ashley’s preset and it gave me the look I was aiming for! It was a few clicks and I was done! I am IMPRESSED!!! Thank you Ashley for sharing this with us!


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The AA Signature Light & Bright Preset (for use in Lightroom)

A how-to document walking you through installation

Confidence in your editing with a quicker turnaround for your clients!

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds can be given.



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Editing Mini Course Offer

Editing Mini Course Offer

Learn everything about Lightroom including all the sliders, masking tools, and more! Includes the Ashley Ammons Signature Preset. 

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Family Game Guide

Family Game Guide

Want to create authentic moments between families? In this guide, I will show you 5 of my games and prompts that create genuine moments!

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Family Game Guide 2

Family Game Guide 2

Games and Prompts for families with older kids!! In this guide, I will show you 5 of my games and prompts that create genuine moments for families with older kids!

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